Meet others in the community! Are you new in town? Maybe you just want to expand your social circle? Are you ready to shake up your social calendar and take chance?


Lezfinity brings together Arizona’s diverse and vital LGBTQ community and offers a sponsorship program that allows you to reach thousands of LGBTQ members and their allies.


If you are beginning a philanthropic journey or are looking to create a lasting legacy, know there are many ways to involve yourself and/or contribute to the success of Lezfinity.


Lezfinity was founded in 2011 as a social organization in Phoenix that is dedicated to helping lesbians have fun and meet other lesbians. Over the years we have grown and expanded to the increase the visibility of the LGBTQ issues and sharing ideas and opinions.

What defines us as a group is our welcoming spirit and our compassion to unite the LGBTQ community throughout the Valley. We’re here to help you make a meaningful difference in the lives of the LGBTQ people throughout the Valley. We believe we are all equal and pledge to fight for equal rights for all.


Helping Our Community

We aim to energize lesbians throughout the Valley to interact with the community by volunteering their time to various social welfare and environmental service projects.

LGBTQ Suicide

LGBTQ youth experience far greater social discrimination, depression, low self-esteem and negative family interactions than their peers. Three in ten LGBTQ youth will contemplate or attempt suicide.

Scholarship Program

We award a scholarship each year to a deserving high school senior who is going to college. This student shows excellence in LGBTQ advocacy, leadership, grades, and financial need.