It’s time for another Lezfinity Lunch! Now, let me tell you a little story…

On the day of the Dbacks Pride Night I didn’t eat much. A yogurt for breakfast. A McD’s cheeseburger on my way to the game. A couple of wings at some point in the night. So, the next morning I was hungry!!! Well, I ended up at Clancy’s for breakfast. I had never been and was sooo hungry that I ordered a few things. Biscuits and Gravy…yum! Pancake, sausage, bacon and eggs…yum! A slice of a friend’s breakfast pizza…yum! A bite of turtle cheesecake…yum! (A Very Hungry Caterpillar reference could be made here) A $4 Tito’s and Sprite…bonus!!

Well, that was breakfast so it’s time to try the lunch!! (FYI: I spent 5 hours there for breakfast, so lunch won’t be as extensive) I’ve heard they have an avocado caprese salad thing. Join us as we enjoy some food, drinks and conversations with new and familiar faces.

THIS LUNCH WILL BE A “BACK TO SCHOOL” COLLECTION DRIVE. More info to come on the items needed exactly, but start checking out those sales!! See you there!