• What we’ll do
You asked for it! So, let’s do it! We will be having our first annual Bake Off/Cook Off at our first annual Spring Bash! There will be desserts. There will be food. There will be games. There will be raffles. There will be shenanigans! We will also be making a big announcement regarding our Scholarship Program!

This will be a potluck event, so bring snacks to share if you are not planning to bring a competing dish. BYOB!!!

Bake Off/Cook off Information: If you are interested in participating in the bake off as a sweets contributor or main dish competitor, email me at Nicole@Lezfinity.org with what you plan to bring. As the time gets closer, I will email those competitors additional information and an estimate on our RSVPs/Attendance.
A delicious dessert or dish that can be sampled by everyone (bite-sized cookies, small squares of cheesecake, yumminess in jello shot sized cups, etc).
An ingredient card that will be displayed with the dish/dessert.
Secretiveness in what you created or brought. We will have everyone judge based on various factors.
There will be a prize for the winner!!!

• Parking
There are a couple of parking/getting there options:
Lightrail: Muse is located on the NW Corner of McDowell/Central. The light rail stops just south of the intersection, so feet from Muse.

Driving: You may park your car on the streets around the Muse. Recommended would be on 1st Ave.
Parking Structure: Muse does have a parking structure that you can access just off of Central. Visitors are allowed to park on the top level (I believe it is level 4).

Access onto Muse property: Enter Muse at through the Office Lobby, which is in the parking lot entrance. Once in the Lobby Muse staff will tell you where to go. Follow signs!

We will have an amazingly beautiful and comfortable space to enjoy our afternoon in style!